Multi Level Thermal Lunchbox

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Healthy & Convenient 

It is very important for us to eat well and keep healthy. But it can be hard, there is fast food all around us and it can be hard to pack healthy nutritious lunches.

The Multi Level Thermal Lunchbox makes it that much easier.

  • It comes with a thermal seal, stainless steel design. This means that it can keep the temperature of your food hot or cold for hours. Now you can enjoy healthy meals through out the day, and save money on fast food.
  • It is also leak-proof. This means that you can now pack liquid meals including soup and stew and it won't leak!
  • It has a 3 layer compartment, meaning you can pack big, small or have a bit of everything. The handle also makes it easy to carry anywhere.
  • This works great for students, kids, office-workers and also travelers. What is your excuse for not keeping a balanced diet?


  • 3 Layer stainless steel compartments.
  • Thermal Insulation design to keep your food hot/cold for hours.
  • Leak proof sealing, to hold liquids easily.
  • Made with stainless steel, foam and safety PP materials.
  • approx 285 X 110MM.
  • 1400 ML capacity.

The carry bag is NOT INCLUDED If you want to purchase the carry bag ➡️get The Bag Here) Lunchbox Bag 

Packaged Includes

1X 3 Layer Compartment Thermal Lunch Box.


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